The antagonist in Infinite (2021) has a device called the dethroner which allows him to download the consciousness of an opponent, thus preventing reincarnation.

But Bathurst's end-goal in the movie is to stop his own reincarnation, so why doesn't he just use the device on himself ?


I think he didn't want to take the chance that it didn't work, he would have to 'begin again' if it failed to fully 'kill' him. At the moment I don't know if the gun makes you forget your previous lives and would have to not be reborn.

There is no way to confirm the device works the way he says it does because the tech would have had to have been a recent invention. Meaning any infinites who have been killed may actually be reborn but without those vital memories, meaning the next time they are reborn to them would be a 'first' from their point if view.

  • The end of the film makes it clear that those reborn after having been dethroned (and the flash drives subsequently destroyed) have full memories of their past lives. – RoboKaren Jun 15 at 15:34
  • And wasn't his intention to stay dead forever anyway? Why couldn't he shoot himself and trust the infinites to keep his consciousness safe? – Darsen Jun 15 at 16:45

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