I'm working on perfecting the subtitling in my current favorite movie, "Life of Pi." I would like to include the languages as spoken by the characters, along with the translations. I have the Tamil for "Pi's Lullaby" and the French that the cook speaks can be found in subtitle files in French, but I'm not finding native-language renderings of the interaction between the mother and her two sons beginning just before 13 minutes into the film. Any help locating a transcript would be gratefully received.


It's Tamil. In that scene, she was telling a myth story to her young sons. (In that story, Yashoda is Krishna's foster mother, Krishna is an infant boy). I don't know if you want the script in native Tamil or in English.

00:12:58,236 --> 00:13:00,238 Yashoda once accused baby Krishna of eating dirt.

00:13:01,030 --> 00:13:05,080 "Tut, tut you naughty boy - you shouldn't do that."

00:13:05,493 --> 00:13:08,292 But he didn't!

00:13:09,372 --> 00:13:10,840 That's what he told her.

00:13:10,957 --> 00:13:12,925 "I didn't eat dirt."

00:13:13,626 --> 00:13:16,721 Yashoda said, "No? Well then..."

00:13:16,921 --> 00:13:19,049 "Open your mouth."

00:13:19,215 --> 00:13:21,968 So Krishna opened his mouth.

00:13:22,135 --> 00:13:24,137 And what do you think Yashoda saw?

00:13:24,220 --> 00:13:25,437 What?

00:13:26,222 --> 00:13:33,822 She saw in Krishna's mouth the whole entire universe.


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