The character of Tyler is a product of Narrator’s personality disorder. With support from Project Mayhem members, Tyler brought Narrator's friend Marla to the abandoned building against her will. In the same abandoned building, with her hands tied to a chair, Narrator begs Tyler to stop Project Mayhem but Tyler refuses.

Tyler: What do you want? Your shitjob back? Fu.king condo world, watching sitcoms? Fu*k you! I won't do it.

Narrator: This can't be happening.

Tyler: It's already done, so shut up! 60 seconds till CRI.

What's the meaning of CRI?

Exactly 2 hr 12 min is the timestamp.

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    Have you found this in the actual movie, its subtitles, or just from some dodgy guesswork script online? I can find that exact mis-spelling in one script, a variation [which makes more sense] in another & the entire scene missing from a third. I don't have access to the movie itself right now. If it's directly from the movie, please provide a timestamp or youtube link to the scene. – Tetsujin May 11 at 8:23
  • @Tetsujin I added timestamp. Yes I have found this in the actual movie. Not dodgy guesswork script online. – Gareth Nashford May 11 at 8:36
  • I cant find the lines in the script either. Can you provide any link of the script where you got these lines? – Spectra May 11 at 8:47
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    I’m voting to close this question because it is based on an erroneous reading (hearing?) of which the source is unknown. – Joachim May 11 at 9:45

Let's call it a 'misheard lyric' like they do with pop songs that people guess & blog the words to, without actual reference to the published lyrics.

From a more reliable script & checked against the movie audio…

"60 seconds. Can you see alright?"

Link to more reliable script - https://jsherry.edublogs.org/files/2012/08/FC_script-1lv8zpi.pdf - I still don't know whether this is direct from source or not, but it matches what is actually said in that scene & is spelled correctly ;)

BTW, the misheard lyric is actually what is in the subs file of the dodgy downloaded mkv version I got hold of to check against;) Not all subs in dodgy downloads are straight from the studio. Often they're generated by people guessing at what was said.

Scene on YouTube at

but no subs. You can compare the audio, though.


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