There are several scenes present in the international version of Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery that aren't present in the US (and Australian) version of the film. Overall they total approximately an additional 5 minutes to the film runtime.

The main scenes missing being:

  • Two scenes following the death of Dr Evil's henchmen where it cuts to the henchman's friends / family hearing about their demise
  • Christian Slater's appearance as a security guard getting hypnotised by Austin

There are other changes / omissions that may be down to local censors (such as for language and violence) but the above scenes are generally just comic in tone.

This was the case for the original theatrical release, the DVD, BluRay and the recent 4K versions too.

I'm not sure if the US version is the 'original' and the rest of the world get the version with deleted scenes added back in, or if the US version had these scenes purposefully removed. Either way, it seems intentional due to the multiple releases still containing the same versions.

I have been unable to find any specific reasoning for why these versions are different. Has there been any statement by anyone involved that clarifies these changes?

Further information on the versions : https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=531109

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    The US version definitely had a scene where a henchman was due at a birthday party or something just after his demise, and his friends were wondering why he hadn't shown up yet. May 6 at 3:21
  • @JohnnyBones Streaming services may use alternative versions, but physical media versions still have these clipped versions.
    – JonW
    Jun 16 at 9:10

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