Aren't there cast lists saying who portrayed the editor?

Yes there are. For example, the cast list in Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lists:

David Hollander ... Editor of 'Crimson'


And the IMDB list of acting credits of David hollander (I) also lists him as the editor of Crimson.


So there should be no problem, right?

Except that David Hollander (I), a rather busy and well known actor in 1980, was born on August 7, 1969, according to his IMDB page, and should have been only nine when A Small Circle of Friends (1980) was filmed - in March, 1979 according to IMDB.


Nine-year-old college students are quite rare, even in movies and tv.

Thus I suspect some sort of error or mistaken identity in the cast lists for A Small Circle of Friends, similar to the way that one reference book listed Adam Hollander (1964-1984) as a member of the production crew of J.W. Coop (1971), even though that was actually Adam Holender (b. 1937), as their IMDB pages show.

So does anyone know, or can find out, who portrayed the editor of the Crimson in A Small Circle of Friends (1980)?

Added sept. 4, 2021.

Paulie_D's answer says that the real life editor of the Crimson at the time portrayed the editor in the movie, and that his name was also David Hollander.

That sounds reasonable - very few person have ever had unique names.

For example, IMDB also lists a David Hollander (II), born May 16, 1968, as a producer, writer, and director, though with no acting roles.

And if you google "David N Hollander, Harvard Crimson" you will find several links to Crimson articles written by David N. Hollander.


But those articles are dated to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Would David N. Hollander still be writing for the Harvard Crimson at least half a decade later in 1979? Or was the person who portrayed the editor in A Small Circle of Friends a diferent persn from David N. Hollander?


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Oddly enough, it was David Hollander who was the real-life editor of the Harvard Crimson at the time.

I only have this from a fan wiki but there was such a person

After some filming was accomplished in and around Harvard (including sequences featuring David Hollander, real-life editor of the Harvard Crimson at the time, as himself), the higher-ups at the college finally learned more about the film's plot and barred the crew from filming in Harvard Yard.

Clearly IMDB has it linked incorrectly.

  • "At the time" could mean "at the time of the depicted events" as well as "at the time of filming". Sep 11, 2021 at 18:13

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