In The Midnight Sky, the main character finds an abandoned container-like house in the Arctic landscape where they take shelter.

This container has a Norwegian flag and some text on it.

Is it based on a real type of building used in this kind of landscape or in Arctic research stations?

I was surprised that there was not a two layer entrance (airlock), to keep out cold air and snow.

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    idk, but I don't see why not - see images of London's Containerville offices, or Container Villa houses
    – Tetsujin
    Apr 18 at 7:11
  • Just because something has added value doesn't mean that you therefore must have it. While airlocks are better from an energy-efficiency perspective, they're not particularly required compared to e.g. spaceships or submarines where you very much need that airlock for pressurization/atmospheric reasons. By and large, you'd be better off properly insulating the walls instead of airlocking the door, if you had to pick.
    – Flater
    Apr 19 at 1:13

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