Kept the question generic to not give off any spoilers about the movie Run.


So at the ending we see Chloe visiting Diane in a facility where she gives Diane the same pills that she was given. And Chloe says:

"But no more this has to end" and proceeds to remove the hidden pills from her mouth.

So for a fact we do know that people in the facility know her well. So she's a regular.

We know that the pill paralyzes Diane like it did to Chloe.

My question is has Chloe been visiting Diane everyday for 7 years and giving her these pills ?? Or just visiting her occasionally and giving her 3 pills at once ??

I'm just wondering the extent to which Chloe went to extract revenge and what the ending really means.

  • "Chloe tells her mother she loves her and to open her mouth. The movie ends showing that Chloe is taking her revenge by poisoning her mother the same way she did." – Paulie_D Apr 8 at 19:33
  • Ah yes I did get that. I'm only wondering if she did it every single day/ occasionally for 7 years ! Going to the facility and all .. I mean she'd have to make her take pills everyday or atleast frequently to keep her in that state for getting her revenge. Like how Chloe took a pill every day that kept her legs numb. Just didn't make sense how Chloe got her revenge.. I didn't see any explanations on this apart from the obvious part that Chloe gave her the pills.. – Anu7 Apr 8 at 19:45
  • There's no way to know how long or often she's being giving her the pills. – Paulie_D Apr 8 at 19:56

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