In the Disney film Dinosaur (2000), how true to knowledge are the representation of true dinosaur behaviours? Does the film try to be true to knowledge or is it mostly guessed or exaggerated.

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    What do we know about dinosaur behaviour? – Luciano Apr 7 at 14:20
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    They haven't yet finished arguing over whether they had scales or feathers, let alone what their daily behaviour was. Early examples from 250 million years ago had scales, but feathers were around 180 million years ago, so there's a reasonable chance things like velociraptors did actually have feathers… making all modern movie & museum representations completely wrong …and who knows? maybe they did talk ;) – Tetsujin Apr 7 at 15:49
  • I know this is a Q about behaviors, but when I saw "dinosaur raised by a family of lemurs" in the synopsis I LOL'd – Yorik Apr 7 at 18:14

Disney spent an enormous amount of money on the CGI. Taken directly from the Wiki:

Having aspired to be a paleontologist, David Krentz supervised the character design and visual development teams.

Also taken from the Wiki, with regards to Disney's decision to make the dinosaurs talk:

Ebert wrote, "An enormous effort had been spent on making these dinosaurs seem real, and then an even greater effort was spent on undermining the illusion".

Both statements come from cited sources, so the information is legitimate.

Having an aspiring paleontologist supervising the characters, coupled with Ebert's statement of "making these dinosaurs seem real", I'd say they probably worked off of as much knowledge as they had available to them.

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Coincidentally, I just found a public lecture discussing this very question.

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