The Megan Fox movie Rogue opens with some caged lions scene, the lions are being irritated by beating on the cages. One lions is brutally hurt. Then the lion attacks people.

My question is were any lions hurt or abused (physically or mentally) during the shooting of those scenes?

If no, then how were those scenes shot?

If yes, then why was it allowed and why the film was not banned?

  • It seems clear from a few seconds searching that the animals were probably CGI but lions have been trained in Hollywood for decades to "act". – Paulie_D Apr 6 at 14:35

No lions were hurt. A quick Google search will show you that M. J. Bassett, the writer, director, and producer, is a major animal rights advocate. The entire movie is a "don't mess with lions" film. The scenes were shot using CGI lions, which is very easy to see from the quality of the effects.


I haven't seen the film myself, but according to pluggedin:

The killer lion is obviously a CGI construct. And the rendered image is really quite poor at times.

While it's hard to prove a negative, I was unable evidence that Megan Fox interacted with any adult lions during production of the film (she did get to hold a lion cub, and see zebras and elephants in a farm).

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