Recently, I have answered a question and a question just made out of it for me.

The Incredibles first act is set in 1947.

You can read the details from that answer.

So how did the police cars were way anachronistic and there were high-tech among the heroes?

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    Please make your question stand alone and not require us to go and read your answer from another post. What if that post is deleted at some point in the future?
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    Apr 4 at 16:43

It's not meant to be realistic.

It's a pastiche of 60's comic books and spy/adventure movies created by Brad Bird who said...

This is sort of a gumbo of adventure movies and spy movies and comedies, TV shows and comic book things that I liked as a kid kind of stirred together with my own personal family stuff. Both the family I grew up in and the family I have now with my wife now and son. Its just kind of a gumbo of all that stuff stirred together. It’s supposed to feel like a lot of things and nothing.

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