I was watching a TV series on Peacock TV called "Tell Me Who I am" or Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War.

This girl Amelia Garayoa was in love with a Nazi guy, Max Von Schumann, and they both went to Poland because Max is in a secret place there and asked her to come with him. She decided to go because she is spying for England. When he was gone and Amelia decided to visit to one of her friends who is a nurse and nun. When she came back to the hotel where she and Max is staying. Max is somewhere in Poland and she is alone. This Nazi leader, Ulrich Jurgens, was at the same hotel as her and he was sitting and saw her walked by her. He came up to her hotel room at the door. He knocked the door and he was asking her to see if she is alright.

Fast forward to when Amelia was caught and sent to prison. Before she was sent to prison, she was in a room with the Nazi and they were trying to "waterboard" her. By the time when Ulrich came into the room and staring at her.

He forced her to take her clothes off and she did and he was staring at her body.

My question is why he did force her to undress? Is it because he suspected that she was Jewish? Was he thinking that she was aiding her friend who is helping her Jewish friends hiding from the Nazi?

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