In the movie Get Out (2017), it is revealed that:

The Armitages perform a lobotomy procedure called Coagula where members of the family transfer their consciousness into the bodies of black people.

This procedure was started by Roman Armitage, Rose's grandfather because he lost to Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics and was always bitter about it, and hence wanted to

take the body of a more athletic black man.

My question is, why did the rest of the Armitage family agree to this? I understand that losing a chance to compete in a competition as prestigious as the Olympics is a crushing blow, but it was one that only Roman Armitage suffered. Why did the rest of the family go along with the idea of Coagula? What incentive did they have?

Were they always racist to begin with? Is it because racism does not need to have some kind of rational explanation?


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