In the final episodes of Deutschland ‘89, Agent Valdez goes “rogue”: torturing Martin at a CIA black site, trying to force a false confession, after killing Lenora.

What is his justification for this? It’s quite contrary to how he’s previously been portrayed. Is it simply motivated by jealousy, regarding Brigitte, while trying to correct a mistake at all costs?

That seems far-fetched. Similarly so why is he then killed by his boss as punishment? Is it a commentary on American “methods” being, despite all their prosetylising, no better than the HVA’s? Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but it didn’t seem to “fit”!

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    You probably don't need those spoiler sections - in most cases we recommend not using them for readability. If someone hasn't seen deutschland-89 and opens a question about it - kind of on them. – iandotkelly Mar 11 at 17:05

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