I have just finished watching S03E03 of The Mentalist, where Red John leaves Kristina Frye in a hypnotised(?) state. According to Jane, Kristina was targeted because she talked about Red John in the TV show.

If this is true then, why does Red John never attack Jane directly (Jane too spoke about him in the TV show)? He attacks Jane's family, anyone close to him (according to Jane), leaves clues so that Jane takes those cases but never hits him directly (I don't know if he will later in the episodes). Is there a reason to that?

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    I always thought that Red John was continuing to torture Jane by NOT attacking him but rather killing other innocents. – Paulie_D Feb 26 at 12:58
  • Is there any reason behind him doing so? I mean, he always killed his victims. Why he chose to behave differently with Jane? – Spectra Feb 26 at 14:12
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    He killed Jane's family for calling him out so Jane continues to be a victim by Red John killing more people....hence "torture". Red John maintains his revenge that way. – Paulie_D Feb 26 at 14:16
  • It feels like he wants to show off to Jane, but not to any police dept, like he has been challenged by Jane. But both Kristina and Jane did the same offence. Then he could have also tortured Kristina iin the same way as he did with Jane, but he mentally killed her. – Spectra Feb 26 at 14:22
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    At the midpoint of season six, the Red John case is solved...so you missed it.. @Tetsujin – Paulie_D Feb 26 at 20:34

Indeed, it was never Red John's plan to just kill Jane.

I think, Jane was the first person that presented a challenge to him in an intelectual level. But at the time Jane was only a fake embarrassing acting the part on TV. Red John saw potential in him and instead of killing him, made sure of making him suffer by killing his family instead.

From that point they just started to play this game, with Red John always escaping or dissapearing as Jane got closer. Red John was always one or two steps forwards. But Jane wasnt too far behind, and I think Red John found excitement in their game. So he kept it up, knowing one day, when Jane stopped being entertaining or get too close to him for comfort, it would be then and only then, he would finally kill Jane.

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