In the movie I Care A Lot, Marla nearly drowns. After exiting the water, she pulls out a molar. She then preserves it and has a dentist put it back. Maybe I missed something, but why would she do this?

  • Did she yank it out or just take it out because it was loose? After all, she's just been in a crash and that would likely cause damage to one's teeth – Paulie_D Feb 22 at 14:51
  • I thought about that. If it were merely loose, I would leave it in place since it still has some blood flow, she is clearly knowledgeable on how to care for lost teeth. If it were knocked clean out I imagine she would have just spit it out, not reaching in deep to grab it. – rtaft Feb 22 at 15:11
  • You might but clearly the scene has to play out this way to show that she is hurt. – Paulie_D Feb 22 at 15:18

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