After the main climax of Bright both Ward and Nick are shown in a secured hospital facility. The FBI visit them for taking the statement of the two police officers. Nick recants his version, and after the FBI listened to it, they specifically ask for Ward's statement. Ward reveals something quite opposite to what Nick says. But that was what the FBI finally accepts. In the next act we see the officers commemorated in the police academy.

Why did the FBI believe Officer Ward's statement only, and not Nick's? Is it a racial thing?

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    Some additional detail and context would help with this question – Paulie_D Feb 20 at 8:08
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    Sorry. Provided more context. I hope I didn't reveal too much...🤞 – deostroll Feb 21 at 12:09
  • @deostroll Revealing doesn't matter. Of course you're going to reveal the plot, you're asking a question about it. People afraid of spoilers won't read your question in the first place. Also, yes, it seems a lot more coherent now and I have reopened it accordingly. – Napoleon Wilson Feb 21 at 12:42

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