Wikipedia's The Hotel New Hampshire (film); Box office section says:

[...] Based on an estimated $7.5 million budget2, this can be considered a box office bomb.

Rob Lowe later said "When some studios do get a good movie, a movie that's different, they kill it. Orion – I hate that studio; I won't work for them again for all the money in the world – releases Hotel New Hampshire with a cartoon of a bear: people thought they were going to see Garfield the Cat. Then they change it to a bicycle for five: people thought they were going to see the Von Trapp family."6


6Rob Lowe has more on his mind than hordes of squealing girls Scott, Jay. The Globe and Mail, 28 Sep 1984: E.3.

It's been 36 years, did Robe Lowe ever work for that movie studio again? I don't find a search feature for cross-referencing actors with studios in the Oracle of Bacon nor from what I could find in IMDB's Collaborations and Overlaps search help and Lowe has been in nearly 50 films to date, so it's quite a challenge to search each individually.

Instead, I think that it's quite possible that there is a follow-up to this already known, like a list of actors who said they'd never work for studio X but did, so I thought I would ask here.

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It looks like he was as good as his word.

According to Wikipedia's list of Orion Pictures films and its Rob Lowe filmography, Rob Lowe has appeared in only one Orion Pictures film since The Hotel New Hampshire: a 2016 thriller called Pocket Listing. However, it appears that Orion only picked up the film for distribution after it was produced by Mythmaker Productions, Helios Productions, and Brad Jabour Films in association with Montana Moon Productions, according to this article. Although the film wound up being an Orion Pictures release, Rob Lowe probably had no way of knowing that this would be the case when he agreed to appear in it or while it was in production.


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