Without any evidence, I wondered if Peppa was a pig to promote the idea of pigs as lovable pets rather than delicacies.

Regardless of whether that is true or false, I would like to know if the experts here have any information about the reason for choosing Peppa as a pig?

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    I would assume it has something to do with her parents both being pigs :P – Steve-O Feb 4 at 15:05

As explained in this long article at The Guardian:

The family idea came first, and then the girl protagonist – another glaring gap in the market. Next came the snorts, which, the animators hoped, children would enjoy copying in playgrounds. Snorts led naturally to pigs, and mud, and Peppa’s house on a hill. “We gave her the red dress and the name, which is sort of hot and spicy, because we wanted her to be a bit edgy and have character,” Baker says.


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