In the movie Soul, when 22 and Joe Gardner come to Earth, 22 enters body of Joe, and Joe enters the body of a cat.

When Joe, in the cat, tries to speak, other humans do not understand whereas 22 has no difficulty in understanding him.

How was it possible?

  • My guess is that, The writer want to show that only people that are aware of their soul and have awake soul can understand each other.
    – C.F.G
    Jun 9, 2022 at 5:34

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In my opinion, there can be two explanations:

  1. Joe (speaking as a cat) wants 22 to understand him, whereas he doesn't want other people to understand him. So, Joe speaks to 22 but meows to other people.
  2. Plot logical purpose or writer purpose. The first one: it would be unwise and "unmanageable" if Joe (speaking as a cat) had said "this person has my soul" to a normal person. The second one: as said in comments, there is a deeper explanation injected by the writer, like showing that only people that comprehend their own soul (as 22 in those moments does) can understand other people's souls.

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