Why does Howard from the other side want Howard from this side (whose wife has been in an accident) to be with him?

In S01E02 Birds of a Feather, he demands it in conversation with Quale.

I want him with us.

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Even his counterpart Howard asks the same question.

Howard (from this side): Why am I a part of this? You demanded that I be there today. I-I don't understand why I'm involved in any of this.
Howard (from other side): I don't know, Howard. Maybe I'm trying to help you.
Howard (from this side): And why is my perceived well-being so important to you?

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  • No answer is given in the show, but I presume he was looking for somebody he felt he could trust and manipulate, and that another version of himself was a good candidate. Perhaps he also had some regrets about decisions he had made and was curious about how things might have played out differently. – Michael Stern Jan 23 at 4:36

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