From Family Guy - Turban Cowboy [S11E15], why is Okay, I'm gonna go eat this steak in the bathroom funny?

I imagine that I am missing a cultural refernce, but internet search does not help.

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    Is there something happening / said before that? Jan 15 at 3:12
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    Without context first thought is "racism?" Jan 15 at 10:40
  • @e2-e4 the script is here. I don't see anything leading up to it Jan 15 at 11:53
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    Before that scene they explitly talking about racism and "how everyone have their quirks". Naming black men changing their shirts while telling a story. It's a "joke" about racism Jan 15 at 12:14
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    There’s a similar joke made in the Simpson’s that seems like it can’t be related to race, “I’m going to go order a steak and eat it on the toilet”: yarn.co/yarn-clip/2a9eb3f5-5bec-4713-b956-63f3c0cb97fe Jan 16 at 5:08

I don't think it's about race, at least not directly. It could be implying and related to them eating at a cheap steak house with poorly trained chefs. Apparently eating improperly cooked steak is known to cause diarrhea, so the joke could very well be related to eating a cheap steak making the person eating it have to use the toilet immediately.

If there is a racial component to the joke, it could be that there's a stereotype that the demographic in question might be likely to order steak at low quality restaurants where they are likely to cook it incorrectly. I'm not familiar with such a stereotype, but it's a possibility.

See: https://www.livestrong.com/article/473861-steak-and-diarrhea/

Note: This episode was removed from all streaming services after the Boston Marathon bombing because it contains a cutaway joke where Peter drives a van over some marathon runners to "win" the Boston Marathon. There is a transcript of the episode available, but I don't think linking to it is appropriate since it is probably not properly licensed.

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