We see numerous scenes with the Dunder Mifflin employees (Michael, Jim, Pam, Holly, Darrell, Dwight, Jan, etc.) driving from/to Scranton, New York City, Utica, Nashua, and so forth.

Obviously it’s meant to be the New England area in the show, although it was actually mostly filmed in California.

What freeway was used for the inter-city travel scenes and what was it supposed to be in-universe?

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    This is trivia and so off-topic – Paulie_D Jan 8 at 9:14
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    "in-universe" there is no single road, but Scranton is on I 476 (formerly route 9 and was commonly called the Northeast Extension of the turnpike) on one side and route 81 on the other, with 84 and 80 a little southerly. To get to UP-Upstate NY (Utica), you'd take either TPK to 81 or just 81 up to syracuse. To get to NYC, probably take 80 to 287 to NJtpk. This is all trivia easily seen on a map though. Note that Pennsylvania is NOT in New England. Nor is NY – Yorik Jan 8 at 17:40

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