It was not directly mentioned in the series, but Brick often behaves as Aspies do:

  • He loves reading everything
  • Has weird hobbies such as fonts
  • If he likes something, he has huge knowledge about the topic
  • Has problems with socialization, or he does not have any interest in making friends
  • He is very clever and due to that is considered a 'nerd'

Does Brick have Asperger syndrome? Also, he has a tendency to repeat words by whispering them, could this mean Tourette's syndrome?

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    Whispering words that you've already said isn't a symptom of Tourette's. It certainly isn't the one that a TV sitcom would choose to depict. I believe it may actually be yet another symptom of ASD/Asperger's. – F1Krazy Dec 28 '20 at 23:01
  • while that's a good question, does it matter if he has any syndrome? he's considered special, and his family accept him – user7294900 Dec 30 '20 at 8:52

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