From this answer about The Dark Knight Rises:

John Blake to Gordon: Those men locked up for eight years in Blackgate, and denied parole under the Dent Act, based on a lie?

As the answer explains,

The Dent Act. among all things puts dangerous and important cogs of the organised crime world into prison with no possibility of parole. So essentially they are not gonna see the light of the day till a long long time and deter people from being involved in such activities.

Is it bad, to put cogs in organised crime and put such people in prison for 8 years and deter them from such activities? What he complain about?

Perhaps they put them in prison with no real evidence?

If so, why didn't they do that earlier? What allowed them to it and how is Dent related to this?

Are they sure they actually did anything bad?


Perhaps they put them in prison with no real evidence?

No, they were properly convicted (it seems).

What the Dent Act did was deny those properly convicted early parole meaning they had to serve their full sentences (sometimes up to 20 years).

What he complain about?

What he is complaining about is that Harvey Dent was a murderer and so "justice" in his name is not appropriate.

As your link in the question states in the primary answer (What is the Dent act and how it could possibly work out?):

After 18 months of jail time, according to the mayor, the men would try to appeal by using any dirt about Harvey. But since Batman took the fall for Dent, there wasn't any dirt to be found so the criminals were locked up still.


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