Veronica presents a seminar on her book "Shedding the Coping Persona". Later, Bridget brought her away from Camille:

Bridget: How often do I get my V? Twice a year? Maybe three times a year. Okay, I need you all to myself tonight. Okay? No filter. Full Dawn.

Veronica: Oh, she comes with a filter?

What does "Full Dawn" mean?

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The script is worded slightly more comprehensibly. By "full Dawn" she means that she can be her true self around Veronica ("Vee") without worrying about upsetting her, unlike how she needs to behave in front of her squarer friends.

DAWN: You are welcome!
Real talk -- she was angling to join us for dinner this evening and I just couldn’t have it.
Girl, bye.
We deserve a little recess from academia. Besides - I only get my Vee [Veronica] time a few times a year and I need to be able to be “All Dawn” – no filter.

VERONICA: (playfully) There’s a filter? (slight pause)
So is Sarah locked in a closet somewhere as well?

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