Series: Brooklyn nine nine
Season: 3
Episode: 23
Episode Title: Greg and Larry

Scenario: In the episode with Bob Anderson, when the whole 99 squad comes out of hospital, they decide to disguise as hospital staff and there is a song played in the background

Link to the video: Season 3 Episode 23

"I' ffam New York I 'ffam, New York. I 'ffam I 'ffam New York I' ffam New York".

Any idea what the original song is? Or is it edited/sped up from some existing/New song?


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The Wikipedia page for the episode in question shows the featured music in the sidebar on the right of the page.

The song listed is: "New York" by Ja Rule featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss. You can listen to the song on Youtube.

It seems like it's an edited/remixed version of the song

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