I've read that the way Ray Kroc got McDonalds was looking deceptive in the movie. The movie makes some people think that he stole it (probably that even was in the trailer). I didn't watch the movie myself. But would like to know how it's depicted in the movie. And that's strange, why would director do this, is it politics related somehow (democrat-republican stuff) or the movie sponsored by competitors?

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    Maybe, you should watch the movie and decide for yourself. Why would it be assumed that the portrayal was done a certain way for political reasons? Although, the political and social economical leanings of the writer, actors, director, and producers could have an impact on the way it is filmed, a more reasonable explanation is probably just the dramatic factor. Conflict breeds drama. – Dean F. Oct 13 at 23:53

I think they wanted to show him as a hard-nosed businessman who was more than willing to acquire the McDonald brothers' name and brand, on the basis that he monetize their innovation more effectively. (It is not uncommon for founders to be forced out of companies once they take on outside investment.) He is rightly considered a great entrepreneur, but my sense is they wanted to also show the negative side along with the positive. The idea that he is a flawed human, like everyone in reality.

That was my sense, at least.

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