Uhm, hi. So in the movie Source Code, Captain Steven went back for a total of eight times i think, and in the last time, he managed to save everyone and went on a date with Christina and they came to the Cloudgate (the bean) sculpture. And then he asked the girl" do you believe in fate?" . I want to know what he meant by this. Also, a relevant and puzzling information related to this question is that from seven previous attempts of going back, he and Christina never made it to the Cloud Gate, but if you re-watch the movie, you will find that after the very first attempt (and i believe all other attempts as well), the bomb exploded and he came back to this capsule and before he does he has flashbacks of the Cloudgate. I find this confusing because he has never made it there in the first 7 attempts, and i think the movie wants to tell us something. I would like an explanation for this as well, and i think it's related to my first question. Thank you for your time