I am trying to figure out the scene near the finale of Tenet where Neil unlocks the door and gets shot in the face.

I can't really see the flow where he opens and holds the door and the protagonist walks in and fights the bad guy. Can you tell the series of events as Neil sees them happen till he gets shot?


If I am not wrong, I see it like this:

Neil was running down towards the door, both the protagonist and his mate are inside with the door locked fighting the bad guy, then, he unlocks the door and walks in and stands behind the door. The protagonist's mate comes out of the room, then the protagonist, then he closes the room, then he look back to get shot in the face.

But this doesn't make sense, if he wanted to unlock the door when he was running down, they were already in fighting the bad guy!!!!!

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    Yes, that's probably the only sequence of events that I can't get a full understanding of. – RusI Oct 15 at 16:46

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