In Tenet, it's revealed at the end that The Protagonist is moving forward in time and Neil is moving backwards. How does he not wear an oxygen mask throughout the film?

If it's time-travel then doesn't it contradict with the movie's tagline? (Not time travel, inversion).

  • Neil isn't moving inverted the entire time or he simply couldn't interact with everyone else through the rest of the movie. And being inverted is the only time you need a mask. I think you must have misunderstood something. However, it's also not quite clear what you misunderstood. Can you flesh out the question a little more with which part is specifically unclear and what you did understand? – Napoleon Wilson Sep 26 at 21:08

I read the theory of that Neil is moving backwards throughout the film, but not sure if that is accurate. What I think it really is, that He was not moving backwards throughout the film events as we see him, but he already moved backwards all the way to the point where he saved the protagonist at the opera, then inverted back to the normal timeline, then we see him in the film.

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  • How's even possible? If The Protagonist has recruited him in the future then how he can meet him in Mumbai without wearing mask (As its clear that if you want to go in the past, you need to be inverted)? – Ravi Maniyar Sep 27 at 15:32
  • Neil was going backwords without meeting the protagonist till he saved him in the opera house. Then he inverted back to normal time and then met him in Mumbai. – Mocas Sep 27 at 15:46
  • It also may have been the Protagonist that traveled backwards in time to recruit Neil before we see him in Mumbai or the opera – Alchemist Sep 27 at 17:40
  • Simply if Neil was going backwards then the film is about time travel. That means the movie tag line was misleading? @Mocas – Ravi Maniyar Oct 1 at 9:49

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