Today we remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Bill Clinton once said Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died today aged 87, was too thoughtful to be labelled. But many tried to do just that over the years.


Leading to my question I saw this quote:

I think reading about Ruth and Antonin Scalia's friendship was the most wholesome political reading I've ever done. Hearing people divided in opinion, but not bitterly so, working together to figure out the best framework to construct American society from was inspirational. I hope the two halves of the political world can become friends in the way they were. Rest in peace Ruth. I hope if there's an after you and Antonin are living it up.

That triggered a memory of a West Wing Episode, The Supremes:

TOBY: I hate him. I hate him, but he's brilliant and the 2 of the them together fighting like cats and dogs. But it works.


JED: The honorable Christopher Mulready, nominee for Associate Justice - United States Supreme Court. The honorable Evelyn Baker Lang, nominee for Chief Justice - United States Supreme Court.

My question is: In the West Wing was Evelyn Baker Lang based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Christopher Mulready based on Antonin Scalia?

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