In mid way around the movie, we see Russell collecting money from various shop stores. If it would have been from one or two that have been okay but the scene extends to around 4-5 shops. What repetition of same events does signify here? If you want to show that Rusell is powerful then showing him on one shop is more than enough, we will get the idea. But, what extra information does repeatition provide here? It was also not like that those scenes are cut shorter, it felt long and boring, so why such decision make sense?

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Adding information is not the only reason to include a scene. Rhythm, pacing, and atmosphere are also important. Part of the conceit of The Irishman is that it is in contrast with Scorcese's high-energy earlier gangster films like Goodfellas (see the second paragraph of this review: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-irishman-movie-review-2019).

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