This is a question about the very ending of the 6 season series How to Get Away with Murder, so obviously HEAVY spoilers ahead:

I am failing to understand the final reaction that the main cast had in the end towards one of them - it is clearly displayed that they are going to cut all the ties to one of them. This character is

Michaela, who is pushed away by Oliver, ignored by Connor and blocked on the phone by Laurel. I can understand why Annalise would cut the contact (Michaela has lied on the stand saying that Annalise was sleeping with decased Wes) or her not-so-ex boyfriend Gabriel (because he knows that Michaela participated in the murder of his father), but why Oliver, Connor and Laurel are so annoyed at her?

I understand, that before the trial

Laura, Michaela and Connor have made a deal with FBI to testify against Annalise, blaming her for mastermind the death of her husband (which was not true, although Annalise has helped to hide the evidence). Initially Michaela and Connor got a deal for 5 years in prison, but when they find out that Laura can go free, they try to renegotiate a better deal. The price for that is (I'm assuming) saying that Annalise and Wes, the (real killer, although acting in self defense) were lovers.

Michaela takes the deal and lies about Annalise and Wes on the stand, Connor refuses to lie and Laura has change of heart and testifies in Annalise's defense.

When the trial is concluded

Annalise is found not guilty, but Connor (according to the deal he has made and his own wishes) goes to prison. When Michaela tries to hug crying Oliver (Connor's husband), this most gently person from the whole cast pushes her away saying "It should be you!". Seconds later we can see that Laura won't take the Michaela's call.

Many years later, we can see that Laura, Connor and Oliver attend Annalise's funeral, they wave and smile at each other. In contrast, Michaela is absent.

I am struggling to understand the characters behavior here: They were all acting selfishly lying (or not) under oath, they were all negotiating deals to sell a friend. So why this one person is treated so much harsher by others?

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I think this is mostly about how they acted in the end and the way Michaela feels about it.

Firstly, yes they were all acting selfishly and they were all ready to lie but in the end not all of them did. Before it was too late, Laurel and Connor chose the right/truthful way because they couldn't bare to do such a thing to Annlise (and Wes).

Secondly, Michaela wasn't even remotely sorry as much as them for the things she was required to do. She somehow saw that it was her right to get out this all and have a good life (even if this means runining Annalise's). (Unlike Connor who volunteraly went to jail because he felt he deserved it)

Thus they were angry at her.

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