In Spenser Confidential (2020), Globe journalist Wayne, shows Spenser CCTV footage from a convenience store that details Gloria Weisnewski’s murder. Wayne admitted that Globe put him on another story and is avoiding Gloria's murder.

Spenser: So what're they hiding?

Wayne: I was hoping you could tell me that. This is fucked up, man. Tracksuit must have put them on it.

Spenser: Fuckin' Boylan.

Spenser recalls the incident where he and Driscoll were sitting in the parked police car near Captain Boylan's house with no police cars around.

Driscoll: Hey, one flash behind. One flash behind you, baby.

Spenser gets down from the car, walks around Captain Boylan's house, and knocks on Captain Boylan's house door. Boylan answers it. I know flash refers to "cops flash their side lights".

Why did Driscoll say, "One flash behind you"?

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I think it's from car driver slang, which means "give way to me, I'm going faster than you". In our case, it could mean, "Let the situation go" or "Be kind".

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