In Breathe Season 2 aka Breathe: Into the Shadows, J wanted Avinash to kill 10 people based on the emotions of the ten heads of Ravana, which were:

enter image description here

  • Anger,
  • Lust,
  • Fear,
  • Betrayal,
  • Ego,
  • Attachment,
  • Selfishness,
  • Insensitivity,
  • Delusion and
  • Pride

Avinash/J was successfully able to execute the first three people (Anger, Lust, and Fear) but what about the other seven? Who were supposed to be these people? Avinash/J killed Krishnan Moorthy first in the backstory - was he part of the 10 emotions? Do we have any hints for the supposed seven other victims?

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