Near the end of the movie Dark Shadows, Angelique plays a confession she secretly recorded of Barnabas killing "Dr. Hoffman, and those workmen, and some very nice unshaven people."

I remember Barnabas sitting and talking with a group of hippies, but I must have missed him killing them (assuming they were the unshaven people he mentioned)- did he kill those hippies and if so, why?


As seen here, he says he is going to kill them and seconds after you can hear the screams. The reason the act itself isn't shown is because it's still a comedy that includes some younger audiences.

Why he did it can be two different reasons or a combination of it. He might have done it to sate his appetite for blood, he is a vampire after all. And the hippies are the best target he could get, seeing they were roamers without any ties to the community. If he had killed a local police would investigate causing him troubles...but a band of roaming hippies, who would even know that they were gone?

The second reason might be that he did confide some of his past/curse in to them, something he is supposed to keep a secret for his plans to restore the family pride to work.

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