In Rick and Morty S04E05 - "Rattlestar Ricklactica", Rick and Morty had this conversation:

Morty: I'm dying, Rick. [Groans] I can see the black mountain.
Rick: People who are really dying don't keep bringing it up.
Morty: Is that true?
Rick: I don't know. I'm just usually around people that die faster.

I haven't heard of "black mountain" being used as an expression or idiom for dying. Is "black mountain" a reference to something?

  • Geographic Black Mountains that lies above Death Valley close to Funeral Moutnains in California? Sounds like a good place to die. Jun 24, 2020 at 9:30

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Possibly a reference to Thisby Theestoop and the Black Mountain

The author, Zac Gorman, worked on the R&M comics

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