In The Family Man (2000), Cash had won a $238 lottery ticket, so he went to a salesman to get the money on the winning lottery ticket, but the salesman didn’t accept the lottery ticket without looking at it. I don’t understand why the salesman was ignoring his prize money.

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Later, Jack gave his $200 to Cash in return for the lottery ticket.
In the image above, Cash is shown with a gun in his hand, which he pulled out after the salesman did not accept the ticket.

Note: Cash is name of the role.


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According to the book Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from World War II to the Present: The Orientalist Buddy Film by Brian Locke:

Hollywood films participated in driving the same wedge between black and Asian. In The Family Man (Brett Ratner, 2000), a reiter-ation of the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946), a patronizing Asian male deli clerk (Ken Leung) refuses to honor a black patron's lottery ticket because of his racial prejudice. "You get out now!" the young Asian yells in an "Oriental" accent. "You take the ticket somewhere else!"

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