In the movie Unknown (2011), Liam Neeson plays the role of Martin Harris, which is a fictional identity to cover the assassination planned in Berlin. An unexpected accident takes place, he forgets his true identity and assumes the fictional one. He seeks help through a German spy, Ernst Jürgen, who immediately contacts the airport for evidence to support his client's claims.

We later learn that the head of the operation Rodney Cole knew that the briefcase in the airport was an "untidy loose end" and that Martin retrieving it was very convenient.

What about the evidence from the airport surveillance cameras? This question wouldn't have been triggered if we hadn't seen (earlier in the movie) the spy Jürgen open an envelope sent from the airport security, containing images of Martin with his alleged wife Gina.

So, if the briefcase was retrieved, how were they planning to erase the evidence from the footage at the airport security?

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