I don't understand the episode with the fish on the back seat of Chucky's car in The Irishman.

It looks like Sally Bugs were to strangle Frank Sheeran but something went wrong. The back seat of Chucky's car appeared to be wet from a fish. This is unexpected for Sally who were to take the back seat. Sally starts arguing with Chucky about it. Frank notices this misunderstanding, apparently understands Sally may kill him and insists he takes the back seat instead of Sally.

  1. Why did the Italians plan to kill Frank Sheeran? Apparently Russ knew that.
  2. If Frank understood it, why did he nonetheless kill Jimmi Hoffa? The Italians, Russ himself, set up Frank. Why does he stay loyal to them and kills Hoffa?

Sally tells Frank to take the front seat before he notices the back seat is wet.

enter image description here

Russ rather aggressively is sending Frank to Detroit.

enter image description here

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  • Does it have any chance that Frank was of Jimmy’s side and Sally was of Tony’s, so maybe Tony made Sally to be cautious about Frank? – Knight admires Chappo Jun 11 at 16:08

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