In the S02E09 episode of American comedy television series Community called Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design is moment in 7th minute when Troy and Abed are speaking with their visitor Pavel.
At one moment they stop talking English. According to Netflix, it is Polish, but it only makes sense in Abed's case. Troy just says something strange according to subtitles.

The discussion is really short and just after that, they go into their blanket fort.

I am interested in what just happened there:
Is it really Polish? Does it mean Abed can speak Polish? What and why is Troy saying? Do they understand each other? Did they really agreed on something?

  • Abed's mother is Polish and while she left when he was sex, I believe it's canon that he's fluent in Polish as well as Arabic and English. Since Pudi himself speaks Polish, it's likely he was speaking Polish in that scene. – Donald Hosek Jun 10 at 14:44

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