At the end of The Equalizer Alina shows McCall a book and the following is said:

Um. I'm reading now.
Oh, no
Very good.
I know. I got it from a used book store. The guy there recommended it to me. It's good.

There are a few shots of the book but from awkward angles. The film gives the book little weight, unlike other books in the film.

What is the book, and does it have any special significance in relation to characters or plot?


We don't know

However, what the book is is not important.

What the dialogue is intending to show is that Alina/Teri has completely turned her life around...the quote you gave is merely part of a longer piece which shows the context. Some additional extracts...

I know. I got it from a used book store. The guy there recommended it to me. It’s good. I got a job too. Like a real job with real hours and stuff.

When they gave me my stuff back at the hospital, there was this envelope with my name on it. Almost ten thousand dollars inside and a ticket out of town. I don’t know, probably hush money, right?

Who cares? A new start.

Well someone once told me I could be whoever I wanted to be.

Basically, before, Alina was merely an uneducated prostitute with minor aspirations to a singing career. Now she has a job, is improving herself by reading and has a positive outlook.

The point of the scene is to show how effective Robert's actions have been.

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  • Because of the recent mardown overhaul I have to ask, but I suppose the quotes being all separate blocks is intentional since they're from different parts of the scene? – Napoleon Wilson Jun 8 at 9:15
  • Yes, they are just Alina's words, I took our the rest of the conversation with Robert which didn't add any additional information. Thanks for checking! – Paulie_D Jun 8 at 9:18

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