Was thinking of watching The Last Ship and I notice on IMDB there is also The Last Ship Prequel: Dr Scott’s Video Journal.

It’s a set of six 2 minute videos, which apparently I can watch on YouTube. They appear to have been released before the series. Are these supposed to be watched before the series proper?

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    I’m not asking for a recommendation. I don’t care whether it’s good or not. I’m asking whether it should be watched before the series, chronologically speaking. Apr 11, 2020 at 21:25
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    The way you worded it made it look like a recommendation question, but the edit has made it much clearer. I've voted to keep this open, and hopefully the close-votes and downvotes will get reversed.
    – F1Krazy
    Apr 11, 2020 at 22:03
  • Yep, I see that, thanks. Glad the edit makes it clearer. Apr 11, 2020 at 22:05

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The short answer is Not Necessary because you will get the theme of series in first few episodes.

But now that I have seen prequel for very first time after watching this series 3 years back, I would say that there are no spoilers. Instead this prequel is sort of introduction and offers cliffhangers.

So go ahead.

Also, am amazed to see Coronavirus at 0:16

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