I'm looking for a show that was on during the early years of Nickelodeon. It was live action and as far as I can remember it had maybe Jonathan Harris (Old English-like actor) playing a frail wizard. There were some gifted children that would leap from adventure to adventure.

The show had a sort of Doctor Who for kids feeling. I only caught the show in spots but remember being very addicted to it. I also remember it changing about halfway thru into a what felt like a different but related show.

I only have some vague memories beyond this that really haven't helped on Google like mazes and giant rocks. Looking up Harris on IMDB I can not find anything that resembles this and thus believe I may be wrong on the actor.

I loved this show as a kid and am more than certain that I will never track it down but any more information on it would be greatly appreciated.


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It sounds like you're referring to The Third Eye. This was a sci-fi series that aired in the very early days of Nickelodeon. (I remember watching it as a child myself). It was quite unlike all of the other Nickelodeon programming, and is the only series that I can recall from that Network that fits your description.

I also remember seeing Dr. Who later on and being reminded of The Third Eye. Also see here.


It seems the specific answer was a show called "Into the Labyrinth" which was a component of the aforementioned "The Third Eye". Nickelodeon purchased a series of British Science Fiction and rolled it all together.

"Into the Labyrinth" starred actor "Ron Moody" (which would explain my mistake and why I couldn't locate information on IMDB.)

An excerpt (and it seems many of the episodes) can be found on YouTube.

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