In Knives Out (2019), Linda speaks to Detective Benoit, who came to investigate Linda's father's death:

Linda: Yes, I mean, Walt, he's done well with what Dad gave him. Not that it matters. But really, Dad hands him a book twice a year and Walt publishes it. It's just not the same.

Benoit: But surely Walt runs the merchandising, adaptations, film and television rights, I mean...

Linda: Are you baiting me, Detective?

What is so baiting about Benoit's words and what is he baiting Linda with/for?


If I remember correctly, this is the scene where Blanc interviews every member of the family, which serves both as a general introduction for the viewer and the start of the investigation.

During each interview, Blanc was trying to get the suspects to reveal hints and suspicions, and I think that's what he's doing here: by trying to depict Walt in a more positive light than Linda, he may want to trigger her into badmouthing Walt, potentially revealing a motive for the murder.

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