In Dark Waters (2019), the clerk leaves an envelope for Rob and says:

Your tickets to the Chemical Alliance dinner. And no, dark suit is not the same as black tie.

What does he mean with that?

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    Are you asking what a 'black tie' event is, what a 'dark suit' is or both? – user18935 Mar 24 at 12:12
  • basically dark suit is business attire, black tie is formal attire. – Ben Plont Mar 25 at 16:18

Black tie is a very specific look, a formal designation alternatively known as a DJ [dinner jacket] in the UK & a tuxedo in the US.

An ordinary dark suit is simply not an adequate substitute.

Black tieā€¦

enter image description here

I haven't seen the movie, but from just that quote I would guess the clerk assumes Rob isn't sufficiently au fait with the subtleties of society dress-codes to know this. It feels like he is being snobbish.

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