In the 2019 film Uncut Gems, Demany and Kevin went to Howard's shop and Demany was disappointed to find that Howard was not selling watches

Howard: That's not my problem, man.
Demany: That ain't your fucking problem? He don't like shit in this dusty, tinfoil-filled bitch.

What's does the phrase "dusty, tinfoil-filled bitch" refer to in this?


He was talking about the jewelry display case. tinfoil would be a derogatory term for cheap jewelry. Dusty, obviously, meaning unkempt. The "bitch" part is just some anger coming through, like if someone was trying to sell you a knockoff watch at full price you might say something like, "Get that bitch away from me".

So, a dirty display case filled with cheap jewelry, to someone who's angry, would be called a "dusty tinfoil-filled bitch".

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