While recently rewatching the HBO re-imaged TV series, Westworld, I noticed in the second season two episode titled, Reunion, the camera follows the back of this character dressed in a white dress with wavy platinum blonde hair, who briefly glances at Dolores playing the piano, as she walks by and heads for the terrace.

Party Reunion

While we never see the character's face, nor does the show fixate on her again, there is a familiarity in her appearance (Height, Hair, Style of Dress, movement/gate) to that of the re-imaged Battlestar Galactica's Six, whether it be Caprica or Messenger Six...

BSG Caprica

So my question is, is this an intentional reference to the BSG character(s) and does it hold any other significance outside of the "meta" amusement of: androids looking at other androids or could it imply that there is something bigger in the Westworld-universe than humans and AI?

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    Now you mention it, I think I had the same association, but brushed it off as being purely coincidental. It does indeed make sense as a nod, however. – Joachim Mar 20 at 11:41
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    you might thing that a blonde in white dress is some kind of trope in general. For example for mysterious womens. Who we never learn much about. And you would be right. It's a trope. – SZCZERZO KŁY Mar 20 at 11:44
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    @SZCZERZOK┼üY And here I thought the standard trope involved a woman in a red dress :P – Steve-O Mar 20 at 20:34
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    @Steve-O we have tropes for everything. Especially when they are so old they were present in arthurian legends allthetropes.org/wiki/Woman_in_White – SZCZERZO KŁY Mar 20 at 21:06
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    Though a very good catch, it could be indirectly linked, i.e. a textbook beauty with a simple white dress to suggest artificiality (as you'd expect the first humanlike robots to be beautiful humans). Unsure if we can find confirmation on it being a direct reference or an overlap in similar themes being visualized. – Flater Mar 21 at 21:54

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