In Bombshell (2019), Kayla saw a photo of Jess Cara on Cara's desk and decided to hide it:

enter image description here

Kayla: Are you crazy?

Jess Cara: What?

Kayla: That's my friend from college.

Jess Cara: I'm just looking out for you.

Why did Kayla hide this photo on the desk?

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Why did Kayla hide this photo on the desk?

Kayla is "gay*" and it's implied that if this became general knowledge it would adversely affect her career.

*or appropriate modern term

Accordingly, whether the photo was "innocent" or actually a photo of Kayla and a girlfriend it could lead to questions Kayla might not want to answer.

Jess is just warning her to take care of possibly "incriminating" photos.

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