In nearly every adaption of the Jungle Books Kaa the snake is evil and attempts to kill and eat Mowgli. Is there a specific reason for why directors/writers of the movies try to turn Kaa evil, in spite of Kaa is one of Mowgli's trusted friends and mentors as depicted in the books?

I struggle to understand it as there are already plenty of villains: Bandar-Log, Shere-Khan, villagers, hunters and the Dhole.

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Because Walt Disney himself felt it would be better and audiences wouldn't sympathize with a snake being a good guy.

From wikipedia,

Kaa appears in the 1967 animated adaptation by Walt Disney Productions. This version of Kaa is recast as an antagonist, as Walt Disney felt audiences would not sympathize with a snake character.

this followed the Disney sequels/reboots (The Jungle Book 2(2003), The Jungle Book(1994), and 1967's remake The Jungle Book(2019) )

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